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God The Father – Heavenly Father

God The Father Johnny saw the big apple tree and being all boy began to climb it. He went all the way to the top. Suddenly frightened at the height he began to go down … Continue reading

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Serve God – He Alone Is Worthy

Serving God To serve God starts in the heart when you first get saved. Someone may truly want to know how to be saved. Do this… simply believe that Jesus came from Heaven to earth, from Father God to die … Continue reading

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Treasures In Heaven – Constantly Producing

Storing up treaures in Heaven If you are not storing your treasure in heaven “then you are wasting your time.” This world is not our home – we are only passing through. Your savings on earth will not benefit you … Continue reading

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Christian Fasting In Jesus Teaches How To Fast

Christian fasting is not for losing weight fast Somehow the christian church seems to get the physical and spiritual mixed up together. They see the flesh – needing to shed pounds – as the same thing, whereas, the Bible refers to … Continue reading

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Christian Prayers – Daily Prayer – Healing Prayer

Christian prayer daily creating healing Sincere prayer to Jehovah is healing, spirit – soul – and body. You pray to Him because you are saved and because you love Him. Not to be seen of men. For then you have … Continue reading

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Heaven Rewards As You Earn Rewards

In the “Bible Heaven” You are rewarded There are hundreds of religions that teach a type of heaven rewards by you doing exactly what they ignorantly try to inforce. They go by their own rules – not Godly rules. They … Continue reading

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Do Unto Others As Bible Teaches

Do unto other people The Lord taught us to love those that did us wrong. Even if they despitefully curse you turn around and bless them.

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