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Harvest Time – Christians Are Sleeping – And Souls Are Not Saved

Harvest time According to the signs of time – harvest time must begin now. Actually it should have already started but most people today are too busy to even think about souls much less win them … Continue reading

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Demon Possession – Satan Trembles In The Powerful Name Of Jesus

Demon possessed Someone demon possessed is completely taken over. Satan controls them at his will. They are like a butterfly caught in the tight strong web of a spider to be devoured anytime.

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Faith Works – How Do I Know – Because Bible Says So

Faith works Our salvation is backed up on the fact that faith works. Not because of Harold Camping saying so – he is a false prophet. You shall know them by their fruit — he is a liar from his … Continue reading

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Fasting And Prayer – The Beginning Of Miracles

Fasting and Prayer Many great miracles have come with fasting and prayer. People that were dying… the doctors and families had said it was no use trying anything else – but they were healed.

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Follow Me – The Day The Tax Collector Got Saved

Follow Me When someone says follow me they have the duty and obligation to prove why. And to allow someone to lead us, then we most certainly should know the reason why.

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Their Faith – The Only Way To Please God

Their faith Some doctors tell people their faith “in God” had nothing to do with their body supernaturally healing – although, ironically, they can not explain “why” they no longer┬ásick.

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Demonic Possessed – What Have We To Do With Thee Jesus

Demonic possessed Can christians┬ábe demonic possessed if truly saved? The King James Version Bible says – absolutely not – in many scriptures. Read Matthew — Revelations for proof.

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