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Christian Magazines – Sharing the Christian Faith

Go into any grocery store or big box store and as you are going through the checkout, you will be bombarded with magazine titles screaming out at you.  “Lose 15 Pounds in 7 Days!”, “How to … Continue reading

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The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

The Kingdom of Heaven Are you wondering what the Kindom of Heaven is? God is ruler of the universe – His word is the authority. Satan shakes at that very thought! Any kingdom has a king who rules and reigns … Continue reading

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Christian Homeschool Curriculum – Why it is Different than Mainstream Homeschooling

As a Christian, we have ideologies and messages we want to pass onto our children in their everyday lives.  Along with their A-B-C’s, we want them to learn the word of God and understand the fundamental principles which are taught … Continue reading

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Can Pornography And Christianity Go Together

Before answering the title question on pornography, let us look at just how bad this obsession is in the home and family. Get ready to get shocked for many have no idea that sexual addiction is getting such a strangle … Continue reading

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Pornography Addicts – The Drug Of The Mind

Pornography addicts Science has found that pornography drastically makes radical changes to the human brain. So much that it has great impact upon behavior and attitude in kids, teenagers, and adults also. The family is the greatest foundation upon the … Continue reading

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Pornography And The Family Trap

Pornography We have touched on the church pornography and will more fully bring you solutions to disanul ever having this problem again, that is, if you so desire. The family at home actually faces these pressures so let us look … Continue reading

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Modern Church – Pornography Addiction – Christian Scandal

Pornography addiction Is it so embarrassing to that many people that the majority do not want to talk about it, until it hits home? You bet it is! Many churches have been torn apart and ripped open by the seam, … Continue reading

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