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Does God Condone Wimpy Men In This Gun Battle To Protect Our Constitution

Men that are wimps are set apart in a class by themselves

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God Says To Preachers And Religion Repent Or Be Blotted Out

Pastors – Evangelist a mockery to Godly Righteousness

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Are You Turning Jesus Off With Your Life Style

What is worth eternal damnation of your Soul

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Preachers Are Righteous Examples – The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength

Daily Prayer, Bible Study produces Spiritual Strength and Joy – Not Preachers

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Father Son Holy Ghost All Three Working In Absolute Unity

Unity of Jehovah – Jesus Christ – Holy Ghost

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What Have You Done For Jesus To Get A Memorial

Christ Jesus never forgets what you do

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Are You Living In The Beginning Of Sorrows

The Rapture will be just before or immediately after the Beginning of Sorrows

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