America – Speeding To Destruction And Suicide

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United States of America I Love

The USA that own’s my heart of love and respect, has been my idea of Freedom for 64 years. My Country has been very, very good to me and for me. Yes, I will alway’s love it! However, like an unfaithful mate, America has began the downgrade of self annilation. Why? Here is just one proof of where our leaders are taking us, unless we Toss them first:

**No Absolutes** Are The Goals

When that great Statesman from France ( Alexis De Tocqueville ) came to visit free America he desired to find out why we were so prosperous and blessed, literally more than any other known country. Here is his amazing discovery which so shocked him that he went back hoping to somehow apply it to his fellow men:

He found it not in the vast fields of grain, the acres by the thousands of live stock and timberlands. It was not found in the beautiful Harbors neither miles of Sea and Ocean. But, when he entered the churches and heard the great men of God preaching Holiness and righteousness aflame from Godly passion he realized why America is so blessed… because America is good.

Alas – the USA is fast losing the Godly old fashion preachers, preaching Holy Righteousness. She is no longer good… as a whole.

But wait!

There is still hope… Jehovah has a remnant of True Christians… both Pastors and laymen that have not bent the knee to baal. They are still holding to Gods unchanging Hand determined to “Keep Marching On To Victory.” The old song verses we used to sing still ring true… *though all hell assail me, I shall not be moved.  Anchored in Jehovah, I shall not be moved.*

Satan is the god of sinners

Wickedness is prevailing because the devil rules this world system. Do not look or expect things to get better here on earth because, for children of God, this world is not our home. We are only passing through “on our way to our real home.” Soon… all hell is going to break loose. There will be murder, rapine, stealing, even child and adult slavery like we have never heard of. Man will have hate for each other with a passion.

The diabotical Pope Jesuits will once again start up the inquistion killing and torturing millions of christians, creating a blood bath like the KJV Bible talks about. Blood literally running up to the Horse bridle.

The sodomites and lesbians waxing worse and worse, becoming more violent, destroying millions of precious babies and children because they (sodomites – lesbians) are demon possessed. Abortion clinics killing more and more sweet, innocent babies and destroying many pregnant girls, even taking their life. Our evil president and government nodding their approval behind closed doors.

The satanist offering up more and more human sacrifices to their god… the devil, as the knife cuts from ear to ear spilling the blood on the altar of molech… thinking this will give them great power. Not realizing that hell is opening up wider and wider, getting ready to destroy their souls forever in the *lake of fire and brimstone.*

Heaven For True Christians

1 Corinthians 2:9 (KJV)  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

For the Real True christian however, Jesus is preparing YOU a place that is more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Matters not how lovely some earthly places appear, it is like nothing compared to what Jehovah is going to surprise you with. Get ready because Child of God… you are greatly loved and you will have your Mansion with Everything your heart ever dreamed about.

Sing with me… Glory Halleleuia, I shall not be Moved!


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