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Counterfeit Christ And Devils Dressed Like Man But Really Satan

  False christ and false prophets on Planet Earth now

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Dusty Bibles Stale Prayer While Many Preachers Tickle Your Ears

Turning off ear tickling preachers – start Daily Prayer with Bible Study

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God Says To Preachers And Religion Repent Or Be Blotted Out

Pastors – Evangelist a mockery to Godly Righteousness

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Now The Spirit Speaketh Expressly That In The Latter Times Some Shall Depart From The Faith

Some shall depart from the Faith – it is happening now

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False Prophet Dressed Like A Sheep – Inwardly As Ravening Wolves

False Prophets The Holy Bible (KJV) tells on the false prophet – how they look outwardly like a preacher but inwardly they are wolves ready to devour the sheep. The sheep are so blind today – just about any preacher … Continue reading

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