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Full Of The Holy Ghost Let The Dead Arise

Holy Spirit fullness will bring the dead to life

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Can America Recover With Counterfeit Bibles And Jehovah Exchanged For Gods

gods taking the place of Almighty God – counterfeit Bibles gaining ground

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Dusty Bibles Stale Prayer While Many Preachers Tickle Your Ears

Turning off ear tickling preachers – start Daily Prayer with Bible Study

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The Bible And Modern Criticism

The Bible and Modern Criticism By F. Bettex, D.D., Professor Emeritus, Stuttgart, Germany ( One of the best articles on Proof of the Bible and God – very Excellent Reading and one I highly recommend )

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False Prophet Dressed Like A Sheep – Inwardly As Ravening Wolves

False Prophets The Holy Bible (KJV) tells on the false prophet – how they look outwardly like a preacher but inwardly they are wolves ready to devour the sheep. The sheep are so blind today – just about any preacher … Continue reading

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God The Father – Heavenly Father

God The Father Johnny saw the big apple tree and being all boy began to climb it. He went all the way to the top. Suddenly frightened at the height he began to go down but halfway a limb he … Continue reading

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Christian Fasting In Jesus Teaches How To Fast

Christian fasting is not for losing weight fast Somehow the christian church seems to get the physical and spiritual mixed up together. They see the flesh – needing to shed pounds – as the same thing, whereas, the Bible refers to … Continue reading

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