Give Up – Give Over – Give To

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Give Up – Give Over – Give To


A hobo, not knowing if the train would enter the tunnel soon or not, started walking down the dim lighted entrance. His thoughts was to catch a free ride. He knew trains automatically slowed down at all tunnels for safety reasons. What he did not know was that someone had loaded an oversized cargo on this train coming this way, by mistake.

And… no one had taken the time to carefully inspect. They were late, and in a hurry to make up time, if possible. He had gotten about halfway, where there was the beginning of a slight curve. This was back in the early years, when regulations were not nearly as enforced as they are now.

The engineers had made some few engineering mistakes which had never been recorded. It was right here, where the hobo walked, that the tunnel became more narrow.

Hearing the train, he got ready to “hitch a ride.”  As the train entered the tunnel, it slowed down. But, to the horror of the hobo, the now approaching train with the over sized cargo, showed up the tunnel walls getting closer together. Only a few inches  on each side were clear. Not enough room to pass him by until he got ready to jump on.

It happened quickly! As he ducked, hoping to get low enough, bolts caught his suspendered coveralls. Had he simply threw his legs up over the post and hung on until the narrow area was past, he could have safely gotten loose. But instead, he tried to get loose too early and died a terrible death. He give up too quickly, turn loose his hold, and was dragged to his death.

Many people get themselves into situations where they think there is no possible way to get into trouble.

Teens and adults play with sexual fire. Girls or women get pregnant. The boy or man may get VD. They both face the judgment of God.

Many hear the Holy Spirit pleading with them to change their life. Not turning over a new leaf… but, becoming a new creature in Christ. They tempt God – thinking they have plenty of time.

Some do get saved and truly serve God for a period of time. Some for many years, even until they are old. Something happens to discourage them.

They give up. Stop serving Jehovah, and backslide.

They might have a tragedy happen, which suddenly kills them. Or… a stroke or a heart attack. Even if they live a few more years, usually, they die without repenting of their sins.

They go to eternal hell.


Sally, sixteen years old, had waited untill the sunday morning sermon was finished. An altar call was given. She then got out of her seat, went to the altar and kneel down asking Jesus to come into her heart. He did, saving her soul. For several months Sally was so happy. But she failed to read her Bible and pray for strength, like she should.

Some of the teen boys and girls began to tease and make fun of her. They called her names like Sally the religious nut, or Sally goody goody or Sally the fanatic. Several weeks of this kept wearing on her until she chose to “give over.” She began again allowing liberties with the boys, listening to dirty jokes, and watching movies and listening to music that she ought not to. Soon, she was the worst girl in school. Her heart had become harder and harder to sin and condemnation.

Both adults and teens give over just because of peer pressure.

Most recipes must have their directions carefully followed, to turn out right. In order to keep your job, you must do what your boss says.

Catching fish requires the right bait. To have friends, you must be a friend.

The same follows to be a successful christian. Two things are absolutely vital:

  1. You must spend time in Prayer to God Daily
  2. Reading and studying the KJV Bible Daily is a absolute

Without doing these above two things… you can not be a christian.

Suppose you get out a plate, a napkin, and lay a fork, spoon and knife on it. You may have the necessary equipment for the food. But — until, you get the food itself, all the other things will not do you a bit of good.

You would die of starvation. You would have no strength.

The same applies to living a christian life. You come before God and ask Him to forgive your sins and save you. He does!


You must Daily Pray and read KJV Bible to have Spiritual life and strength. And – to get to know your Lord as your personal friend and helper.

Have you got any good friends you never talk to or spend time with? No… to have friends you must be a friend. You talk to them. You spend time with them.

You do fun things together. 

The one Requirement that is a Command from God

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Notice – He first “gave” His only begotten Son.

To have His Salvation… You must “give to” Him… YOU.


A young woman married a man in the early turn of the century. He demanded of her every morning to get up early and fix his breakfast. To have his food ready at a certain time when he got home. In fact, he made her life hard by his demands. Being a good christian girl, even though there was no love, she knew God commanded her to obey her husband. She did, with all her might to please God.

One day, about five years after they were married, she received word her husband had dropped dead of a heart attack. Three years later, God led her to a fine christian business man who she met. They began dating and two years later were married. Six months went by with their love for each other growing stronger daily. One morning, she got up early, as she always did, and begin fixing him breakfast.

Suddenly she realized something! Not one demand had he placed on her. In fact, he had tried to get her to sleep late. He had even surprised her, fixing her breakfast instead some times. She realized that she was doing this, not because he demanded it. But… because she loved him and give herself to do things for him freely.

Christ first loved us so much He gave Himself… our love causes us to give to Him.

Sinner – backslider… Christ Jesus Loves YOU so much. You were dying, on your way to eternal hell. He solved that problem by dying in your place. Taking every sin to the cross and nailing them to it.

He set you free! But…

You must take His free gift of Salvation in order for it to do you any good.

Do this, by just loving Him so much, you give to Him your heart. Say this from your heart and mean it:


Lord Jesus, thank you for first giving to me you. Now… I give to you my sins. Forgive me for all my wrong. Save me and wash me white as snow. Father, I receive this in Jesus Name.

Send me a email and tell me the good news. I will start praying for you immediately.

This will be between you, God, and myself. I will never tell anyone else, unless you want me to.

God Bless You. Congratulations for giving *You* to Jesus. Pray, read KJV Bible Daily.

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