Why The Fruit Of The Spirit Highly Pleases Jehovah God

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Fruit of the Spirit

One of the greatest results of the fruit of the spirit is total Obedience and Submission to the Lord God Almighty. Christians obey some of these fruits… but, it is lost unless you fully obey Jehovah from the heart. Gal.5:22,23

There were once two sons who had a lazy streak in them. They eat their hard working dads food, took his money when they could. Just plain “bummed” off him. They were so unthankful for all their father did for them – why, they even waited until he came and asked them to work before even considering any labor.

One day he came to the first of his sons. Told him one of the man that usually worked for him was very sick. He had grapes hanging in clusters, so ripe they must be harvested immediately. No time to find some one else. Would he mind going to his vineyard today?

He said, “pop… you know how important that fishing trip I have planned. Sorry, maybe some other time.” The dad hung his head and walked out to hunt for his brother. Meantime, the first son on his way to his favorite camp site and his secret fishing stream begin to remember all his dear dad had sacrificed for him. His conscience bothered him so badly, he quickly turned around, heading for the vineyard to work for his dad.

The other son, fast asleep, woke up as his father gently shook his shoulder. “Can you go work my vineyard today?” he asked. “Why can not my older brother do it? You know I always have to do everything around here! Ok… I am on my way.” “Thanks son” the dad replied. However, no sooner had the dad left, but then the son who promised to go, turned over and went back to sleep.

On the way to his crew, working in the grape vineyard, he spied his oldest son working really hard. They smiled at each other, the dad very appreciative. Soon the wonderful sweet grape juice was filling jars. Mt 21:28-31 (**my own imagination of this Bible story**)

Are you sure you are doing these Christian principals

Galatians 5:22,23

  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Longsuffering
  5. Gentleness
  6. Goodness
  7. Faith
  8. Meekness
  9. Temperance

against such there is no law

Then James backs it up in chapter three, verses seventeen and eighteen

  • Pure
  • peaceable
  • gentle
  • easy to be intreated
  • Full of Mercy
  • Good Fruits
  • No Partiality
  • No Hypocrisy
  • Fruit of Righteousness James 3:17-18

Someone once said to a group going into the marines… “You will have more than fun coming here men.” I am sure it was not many days later until they found out what was meant.

Christians being Christ Like – it cost something

The Marines also say… “We want a few good men.” This might sound hard – but, our precious Redeemer is looking for Real Christians. Not yellow bellies who critize, argue, and complain all the time.┬áThat does not┬árun when the battle gets hot and hazardous.

Cowards are not wanted in the warfare out in the firing fields where you might get shot at.

Jehovah can only use true soldiers in His army. Chickened livered turncoats would make it dangerous for all the others fighting against the enemy. Sure – you may get shot at, even wounded. God takes care of His own however.

Pastors – God is watching YOU

If you love crowds, money, popularity… you have no business being in Gods army! The world and the Master does not mix. Never will.

Your fruit of the spirit will either be to help others go to Heaven or – to go to hell. You either encourage them and prepare them for Heaven or you get them ready for the Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

Your preaching will be absolute “KJV Bible Truth” or you are wasting Gods time and your congregations Salvation.

If it is **what YOU can get out of preaching** you need to go sit down and listen.

The day is coming… at YOUR Death… when you will answer to God for “every word” you spoke to your audiences. Also – what you “did not” speak. No sir! God has no place in His Kingdom unless you fully obey His Commands.

Preachers – it is all or nothing

God very plainly and Boldly says in the wonderful KJV Bible… Re 3:15,16 … “neither cold not hot I will spue you out…”

You have a choice to listen to Jehovah now… after you die YOU will have NO Choice.


A man who had been an alcoholic got gloriously saved. But, he had a constant fear of going anywhere close to a saloon. He was afraid he might be tempted. One night he read in the Bible how God protected Daniel from the hungry lions. Next morning King Darius called to the man of God and ask if his God had protected him. Daniel told him his MIGHTY GOD had indeed took care of him. Suddenly, as the man read this story, he begin to laugh. He said to himself… for weeks I have been afraid I might fall to drinking again… never again will I fear. What a Mighty God I serve. God gave him victory to know “He Is Able.” Da 3:17

You really want to please God

A remnant desires to completely obey Jehovah and make Him happy. Are YOU one of those?

To have the Fruit of the Spirit Ga 5:22,23 there is a Price to the Best. How awesome it will be though… Christ will hold out His arms to you and say, “Welcome my Child. Enter thou…” Mt 25:21

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